Open Source Security

Implementing a secure framework with open source tools and industry standards

Information is the currency of the world we operate in. Your data and information moves at the speed of light. So does the cyber adversaries, criminals, and insider threats attempting to penetrate, access, steal, and ransom your precious data through various methods from ransomware to sophisticated cyber weapon payloads. Having vast experience in both the Federal and private sectors, the experts at Open Source Systems understand the need protect your organization and it's data across the complete spectrum. Our goals are to help our customers and clients guard their most precious data across all domains; from hardware to software; from the intranet to the Internet.

Leverage Open Source to Promote:

  • Cyber Strategy and Governance: Develop a complete program that aligns to your business goals and organizational IT strategy
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management: Conduct Penetration Testing events, system security audits, system configuration management reviews to identify and uncover weaknesses in your infrastructure with appropriate remediation recommendations.
  • Risk Management: Identifying and assessing risk across your IT environment, reducing it to an acceptable level, and providing guidance on how to keep your risks minimized.
  • Education: Promote behavior that puts security in the decision chain when conducting business operations
  • Forensics: Examine digital media and systems in a forensically sound manner to capture and preserve digital evidence
  • Secure Code Analysis: Analyze, review, and correct deficiencies in services, applications, and systems to protect data from numerous attack vectors early before exploitation can occur
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Our vast experience across Federal and Commercial business sectors provides our customers and clients with the knowledge base to:

  • Perform system and network penetration events with ethical hacking principles in mind
  • Audit your systems and network configurations to determine compliance with required federal and industry regulations
  • Conduct vulnerability scans across your systems and networks to determine potential attack vectors
  • Provide remediation steps and procedures to ensure that vulnerabilities are mitigated and minimized
  • Leverage the Metasploit Toolkit and Ruby scripting knowledge to develop custom vulnerability tests to use in your Information Assurance events
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The experts at Open Source Systems provide a wide range of experience across multiple industry sectors to assist you and your business from a compliance perspective by:

  • Tracking the regulatory environment for potential changes that can impact your business operations
  • Constant monitoring of controls to ensure that your systems, software, and assets for ongoing compliance
  • Developing compliance audit events from a complete holistic perspective to bring and ensure your business remains within necessary regulations
  • Consulting on the types of open source compliance tools and services available to help assist in compliance goals and objectives
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Protecting your systems and networks will require that your software and services are implemented in a secure fashion. Securing your code requires knowing where the attack vectors are and how to prevent them from being exploited. Let us help you:

  • Identify points in your software and system code that are vulnerable to exploit at precise source files, line numbers, and subsections.
  • Discover and re mediate buffer overflows, SQL injections flaws, usage of deprecated libraries, memory management implementation flaws
  • Scale up and scale out within your continuous integration and delivery pipelines for identifying and mitigating flaws in your code as quickly as possible
  • Provide your developers and engineers with quick insights into code problem areas that require immediate attention before they become exploitable

Certifications and Credentials:

  • AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Consulting Partner –
    DevOps Competency
  • AWS Business Accredited Professionals
  • AWS Technical Accredited Professionals
  • AWS Solutions Architect Certified
  • Architecting on AWS Certifications – Associate Level
  • AWS launch partner for RDS migration tool and DevOps competency

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