About Us

Who is Open Source Systems?

Open Source Systems is a software engineering firm founded in 2013. Our mission is to provide excellence in software engineering and cybersecurity services to our customers by securely leveraging open source products and employing best practices in engineering principles. We drive the adoption of innovative open source technologies and reduce the risk of vendor lock-in occurring by providing our clientele with open source solutions that meet their mission needs and security requirements.

About Us

Our Passion for Open Source Inspires Excellence in Innovation

Today’s technology is an ever growing and ever changing landscape that can be overwhelming to navigate without expert guidance. We specialize in helping enterprise-level organizations identify, understand, and adopt transformative open source technologies. By utilizing new ideas from the open source ecosystem to help companies build highly scalable applications, messaging systems, and cloud-native automated deployment pipelines, we allow you to keep up with the times without worrying about vendor lock-in. We also engage with companies on adopting inner-source principles to significantly improve their involvement and understanding in a culture of innovation and rapid technology growth so that they may remain competitive in today’s technology-driven business landscape.

In a Nutshell

Cloud Strategy Development

Determining the best Cloud use for your organization

Cloud Adoption

Reduce costs, mitigate risks, and easier scalability

Cloud Optimization

Using the Cloud for your organization to achieve true efficiency

Our extensive technological experience in open source includes

NodeJS and RESTful / Microservices

JBoss and Java Enterprise Development

MariaDB / MySQL Clustering and High Availability

Cassandra and Distributed NoSQL Databases

Terraform / Kops and Infrastructure Automation

Amazon AWS and Azure Cloud Adoption

C / C++ and Embedded Systems Engineering

Python, Tensorflow and Advanced Data Analytics

MongoDB NoSQL Database Engineering

Hadoop / HDFS / MapReduce

Kubernetes, Docker, Pivotal Cloud Foundry Orchestration


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