Chad Cravens

Chad is the founder and CTO of Open Source Systems, a full service software engineering and cyber security firm dedicated to delivering excellence in open source adoption and engineering capabilities to our customers in software, cyber, mobile and cloud. Chad has over a decade of experience in enterprise software development working in a variety of open source technology stacks, that include Docker, C++, Java and NodeJS. He has worked in a variety of high-demand environments that include the US Federal Government, working in agile development on large, complex enterprise systems, and in finance on Wall St. developing fast, algorithmic trading systems.

Messaging at Scale with Open Source

Over the years the open source community has developed a plethora of tools for developing technologies that give software engineers the ability to scale to support thousands, millions or even billions of users. Companies and government agencies alike are transitioning from vendor-based solutions to more transformative and capable open source products. 

Messaging is a topic that, like many others, has been dominated by the open source community. Many of these tools provide developers the capability for developing applications that are fault tolerant and scalable.

  • ActiveMQ Artemis
  • Qpid Dispatch
  • ZeroMQ

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